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Author Topic: Presidential Elections 2011  (Read 3431 times)
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« on: August 23, 2011, 05:17:38 AM »

Subject: 【黑函】 The "Truth" about Tan Jee Say

This letter comment appeared to be posted by a Singaporean on various online forums.  I have heard some of the above being passed around previously during the General Elections about TJS and now it's making its round again.

I do not endorse and do not agree with any of stuff written in the following letter. I am merely reproducing it for the benefit of those who might be interested. In Taiwanese politics, such letters are called "black letters" 【黑函】, written to smear the opponent. It ranges between truth distorted or complete fabrication. So please read it with it with a pinch of salt.

August 14, 2011 at 10:23 pm

Dear Fellow Singaporeans

In the interest of transparency and in the spirit of being the voice of conscience, this to correct the false impression that is conveyed in the Sunday Times article about TJS.

TJS has no moral righteousness, compass or anchor and blows where the winds of opportunity takes him. He quit as PPS when it became apparent that he would not become perm sec. TJS is driven by greed and selfishness.

After quitting the government, he joined Morgan Grenfell, then Peregrine Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and finally AIB Govett.

When Morgan Grenfell came knocking, TJS jumped at the chance. He promised to bring in much monies from the Malaysian conglomerates which he came into contact with during his tenure at MTI. His results at Morgan Grenfell speak for themselves, TJS did not deliver the monies and his peers soon found that he was a light weight load of hot air.

TJS had a contributory role in Bank Peregrine's demise. He did not dispense proper advice that the investment into an Indonesian concern was not viable. TJS, the person at the site did not do proper due diligence.

At AIB Govett, it was reported that his strength was in policy making. This firm collapsed whilst others survived, obviously tJS's policies were wrong. This forebodes poorly on the potential for TJS to be EP as at every employment stop he has demonstrated poor judgement. Translate this into safeguarding our nation's reserves and it will result in disastrous consequences.

TJS's next stops at Standard Chartered Bank and Hi Green is also empty of significant contributions. He was forced out of Standard Chartered by his Indian boss.

His claim to be 'not a lavish man' is not true. In TJS 'high flying' years, TJS openly boasted that his income tax contributions were higher than an average man's annual income. TJS aspired to the lifestyle of his successful PAP friends and his banking colleagues. TJS had his fair share of thoughts about redeveloping his Frankel Avenue house into a mansion.

It is obvious that TJS squandered his wealth on ill conceived and dubious ventures in his empty years. If TJS had prudently invested his wealth, he would be fairly well off. This can be verified by any banker.

2006 till present, TJS was unemployable as by that time the banking industry had seen TJS for what he was, no substance and only hot air.

Let the people exam TJS's empty years for themselves. And these were indeed empty as he was trying to chase his

我終於知道曲終人散的寂寞 只有傷心人才有...
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