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Author Topic: History & House Rules of Lothlorien & Section Names Explained  (Read 2866 times)
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« on: May 28, 2006, 12:04:41 AM »

I have gotten feedback that the names of the forum is quite confusing so I am putting up a short explanation here.

A brief history of Lothlorien

Lothlorien (or Lothy, as it is more affectionately called by some) is a BBS ran by Marc Tan (or Celeborn, as he is known there) before the Internet days. It has served as a place for people who loved the arts (poetry, literature etc), to come together to share ideas and their works. It was ultimately closed a year or two after the Internet became popular in Singapore.

We have attempted to keep Lothy alive through mailing lists and one of the members Leopold_Bloom also tried to keep it alive by running a BBS called Arnheim (spelling?) for awhile. None of these efforts really took off so we are now back again with our fourth attempt to keep Lothlorien alive. Smiley

It doesn't matter if you have not been to Lothy previously. I welcome you all the same, just like the old Lothy would.

--- (rev. 7)
The names of the sections explained (Note house rules for certain sub-sections)

1. Middle Earth - The Main Section, which is sub-divided into:

Gondor - The place where you post anything military. Weaponary, doctrines, books on warfare, your experience during your army daze, NS songs you sang etc. Anything military. Even if you think your OC during your NSF days in quite an asshole, you can post it here. (Why was this name chose for this section? In Lord of the Rings - LoTR for short, Gondor stands in the face of Mordor and ready to repel Evil militarily.)

Grand Hall - This is the general discussion area. Make your introductions here and post anything else that is not already part of another section. This area is further sub-divided into:

  • Elrond's Theatre - Anything about movies, plays. Why you like it, why you hate it etc. Generally try to avoid spoilers like, well, "Tom Cruise almost died in MI3 and his girlfriend saved him" kind of things.
  • Gimli's Trainers - Anything about healthy lifestyle. Sports, Olympics, World Cup. Even fishing and posting pictures of your catch.
  • Inn of the Prancing Pony - Anything about food. Where to get good food; which store sucks, has bad service and attitude, is very unhygenic etc. (The Inn of the Prancing Pony is where Frodo met Aragorn in LoTR.)
  • Tom Bombardil's Corner - Old Tom isn't actually here but this is where you want to trade things or offer / look for information on something you are interested in, which is not already covered in the other sections. Say if you wanted to look for a picture of Napoleon's shrivelled dick, this is where you should post it.

A lot of the names for these sub-sections - with the exception of the Inn of the Prancing Pony - are fictitious and they do not exist in LoTR. They are however named after characters in LoTR to give it a LoTR flavour. I am open to suggestions if there are better names for them. Do note that because the main theme of Lothlorien is LoTR, the names must be related to the books.

Mordor - The politics section. This is where you talk about current events, be it local or international. Also about policies implemented or debated etc. Please do not post any slanderous / libellious comments along the lines of those which got the SDP into trouble. I do not wished to be haul out of bed in the middle of the night by the ISD and I certainly don't relish being a bankrupt. Therefore do note that postings of such nature WILL BE deleted without prior notice, and repeatedly offenders - after ignoring warnings - will be smitten (i.e. locked out). (Politics is evil. In spite of what Lao Lee wants you to believe, it's nothing but a source of evil on this planet. Thus Mordor, where Sauron schemes, would be a befitting name for political discussion.)

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