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Author Topic: FAQ: Mas Selamat Recaptured  (Read 2707 times)
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« on: May 08, 2009, 11:57:21 AM »

Q: What did the Malaysians say to Mas Selamat when they extradite him to SG?
A: Selamat jalan, Encik Kastari. Lagi satu?
Mas Selamat to Malyasians: Akan datang!

Q: I thought gahmen said Mas Selamat is still in the country? How come he kenna arrested in JB?
A: Technically, if not because of a particular tearful event in Aug 1965, Mas Selamat can still be considered as "in the country".

Q: Why Mas Selamat after so long only escaped to Larkin?
A: Don't talk nonsense. Jesus walked on water and it was big deal. Mas Selamat limped across on water and no one even saw him!

Q: Why Mas Selamat don't run far far away?
A: Wen JiaBao took 2 - 3 weeks to complete his tour around France. Mas Selamat dunno do how many Sumatra -> Java -> Borneo -> West Malaysia -> repeat tour around SG in that one year already. Maybe even got time to go around to Ambon and lop off a few heads, or leave his mark in the Kompasus HQ toilet in Indonesia.

Q: I heard Mas Selamat was caught with a piece of paper on him. What was on it?
A: This is what it says:

ASEAN Tour Check list. I have been caught by:

 [  ] Brunei
 [  ] Cambodia
 [ x ] Indonesia
 [  ] Laos
 [ x ] Malaysia
 [  ] Myanmar
 [  ] Philippines
 [  ] Thailand
 [  ] Timor Leste
 [  ] Vietnam

Notes: Alamak... still so many more countries before I complete my ASEAN tour.

Q: Why only one month later did Singapore release the news of Mas Selamat's capture?
A: The Malaysians were trying to negotiate to have the curved bridge built in that one month.

Commentary: It was painfully obvious that Mas Selamat has been in Johor and sadly it took the ISD almost a year before they caught on. You see, while Selamat Datang means welcome generally, it would mean something else entirely to Mas Selamat himself. Selamat Datang would mean "I come". And indeed Mas Selamat has come to Johor.
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我終於知道曲終人散的寂寞 只有傷心人才有...
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