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Author Topic: You know you're a Singaporean when....  (Read 2057 times)
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我終於知道曲終人散的寂寞 只有傷心人才有

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« on: March 01, 2009, 03:08:17 AM »

1. You speak or randomly break out in Singlish
2. You crave chicken rice or the various uberlicious hawker foods
3. Tying a soccer game with Malaysia actually means something significant
4. You're a guy and have no choice about National Service
5. You start daydreaming about $2 Nasi Lemaks
6. Orchard Road is a byword for fun
7. You pronounce and spell stuff the Brit way
8. You pick up the trash after missing the rubbish bin
9. You say rubbish bin and not trash can
10. You end ALMOST every sentence with a 'lah' / 'lor' / 'hor' and everything looks much better with 'x's and 'z's (right horxxzzz?)
11. You understand all the references in www.talkingcock.com (and find the site funny)
12. You're intimidated by the thought of a 45 minutes to drive to the nearest mall.
13. You're shocked that your ez-link doesn't work at Mcdonald's around the world
14. People ask you what you speak at home and you say 'uhh...'
15. You are able to communicate in plethora of languages & dialects
16. Swearing in numerous languages & dialects is natural
17. You know that Newton Circus serves up shit food, but still go there anyway
18. You "chope" seats at food courts/hawker centers with little tissue packets
19. You've sung the national anthem since you were in primary 1 and still have no idea what it really means
20. There's always a traffic jam near a vehicle accident 'cause everyone slows down to copy numbers for 4D
21. You start using abbreviations for everything, such as ERP, PIE, MRT, SBS, SMS, CTE, IPPT, NCC, SOC(army word)...... and many more.
22. You look at someone (when you're overseas) and a 6th sense tells you that they're from Singapore too
23. Someone asks for the time and your innate response is: IT'S TIGER TIME!!!? *rawr*
24. Every Christmas, Orchard Road looks more like and more like Deepavali (The Festival of Lights).
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我終於知道曲終人散的寂寞 只有傷心人才有...
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