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1  Middle Earth / Mordor / NEL Services GONE! (Yesterday only, but bad enough!) on: July 25, 2006, 04:20:55 AM
 Shake Head Isnt SBS going to get fined? Strange... they want to raise fares, be more expensive, so on and so forth, but are they improving their standard of service?

Imagine, announcements of train services stopping were made through half closed doors of the MRT Station... were only in English, despite the fact that chinese speaking, malay speaking and tamil speaking people DO take the MRT as well...

I recall the SMRt getting fined when they had a 2 hour stoppage of some sort years ago... SBS should have done more, and faster too! One whole day to clear the tunnel and sort out the electric cable situation...

not to mention the tourists, who must have been wondering what was happening!
2  Middle Earth / Mordor / Re: I am the most unhappy person on this Planet on: July 22, 2006, 09:56:27 AM
Dear mod,

Thanks for the chin up! heh... still a happy person, no worries!
3  Middle Earth / Grand Hall / Re: It's been 13 years... on: July 22, 2006, 12:25:53 AM
I guess new people, new blood has to flow....

Anyway...nobody seems to log on much....somebody make some noise! Hehe

I'm going to look for food... seems like all consuming preoccupation with me at the moment...heh

Anyone who feels like eating ... email me! I'm online almost all the time...
4  Middle Earth / Grand Hall / Re: It's been 13 years... on: July 21, 2006, 09:45:38 PM
Thank you....

It's been 13 years since I last stepped into Lothy...this is a real place with people! So fun...how about the file sharing and door games now...and the wonderful ascii .... could we have a picture on top of each forum? Then it would like lothy of old..at least a little...I miss the times so much.... Smiley

5  Middle Earth / Mordor / Re: I am the most unhappy person on this Planet on: July 21, 2006, 09:33:42 PM

Actually Was successful in terms of material possessions...lost everything (300k plus) last year after being cheated by partner who was supposed to pay back her share of the biz, helping bf with loan sharks, etc etc etc

but I'm still happy... strange yah? I guess Happiness is a state of contentment...

Now working hard...not to rebuild what I had, but to be happy.... coz I love love love performing!

 Grin take that, all the nasty cheating people in the world...I am still HAPPY! you can't make me any different....hahahahah i must be crazy.... so early in the morning...feel like breakfast, but don't know how to drive, so aiya....starve on sweets and chocs....heh...

6  Middle Earth / Orthanc / Google? on: July 21, 2006, 09:22:34 PM
I'm not sure if anyone else tried this, but the google software pack is really fantastic... the desktop search is intuitive and really useful, it even searches within documents, so I can find all the old stuff that I had archived away in the different portable HDs...

Also, Picasa is a great photo management software...and oh, did I mention they have a web album that gives you 250mb of space free?

If you look at it, google is set to be as invasive and pervasive as Microsoft. With Bill Gates set to retire, it will be google google google...they are even creating an IM, free web page designing on the fly, free virus scan, etc.

However, who cares? I like google....
7  Middle Earth / Orthanc / Re: Starhub Maxonline 2000 -> 4000 on: July 21, 2006, 09:16:47 PM
I found my speed alot faster, or perhaps it's just me imagining things.... the thing about Maxonline is that it does not drop packets of data, which I very much appreciate... was helping people install internet TV, and found that all singnet subscribers for broadband keeps getting jerky scenes, packets dropping, etc whereas SCV maxonline people were a breeze to install. Had so much problems with the singnet subscribers I decided to stop doing the service and refund their money.

I guess normal subscribers wouldn't experience being "dropped", unless you were downloading a big file from one server instead of streaming...

I love my maxonline!
8  Middle Earth / Grand Hall / It's been 13 years... on: July 21, 2006, 01:55:09 PM
13 years
It's been 13 years
I like that number
better than 23
Remember red ink
Or am I
The only one who remembers.

I was young then
as I am old now
and things that frightened me
no longer do
it's been too

Your smell lingers
the waft of poetry
of bloodlust
remember the library
the book shop
the long walks
THAT cafe

Second floor
aircon in our faces
fingers touching
just feeling
and then my tongue
not by my bidding
trail itself
up your finger
one finger
i look into your eyes
and i felt the wetness
of your beautiful

the first could have been a brush
but i didn't STOP
not till I have tasted every single finger
you didn't taste like ciggs
not at least during then
i guess
we were both innocents

you wrote to me everyday
sealed in an envelope
your red-inked words
i read and i cried
though you never knew
it has been
and is
13 years
i still keep your words
and i remember you
midnight sun
the brightest in the dark
of the night
I wonder if you wonder
if I could have thrown myself
into your arms
and let you

Too young then
the west wind
waned and waxed
too afraid
whirling around
she had never felt that way
too many new feelings
remember the rose
she was given
painted petal by petal
the tapes laden with song
your name had two tones
his name had two letters
lest she would step between
the two great friends
she gave up

and both

dedicated to my once dark night
backdated answer to Oct - Nov 93
9  Middle Earth / Port of Umbar / Re: FISHING KAKI ??? on: July 21, 2006, 01:04:00 PM
My Dad told me about this lake in Bangkok with Giant Carp and Catfish...so I went around trying to locate it (Too cheap to pay a guide $150 a day!)

Found it in the end, it's reported on my blog, and if you want to find it too, let me know....

The fishes are really huge, but it is catch and release....you mix this strange bait with spices and coconut milk, squeeze it onto the huge hook (Bait is, by now, the size of an orange, I kid you not!) and throw it into the pond. If you are lucky, the fish will get stuck on your hook!!

I think the fish are really smart...they have already worked out that they will be released, so it is just a feeding method to them.... get hooked, come up to land, get blinded by flashes and get thrown back into the comforting deep pond again...

BTW, my blog is at www.teacupcoffeepot.blogspot.com

It also has me record of the awful experience I had on Tiger airways....YUCK!
10  Middle Earth / Silicon Glen / Re: Why Men Don't Have a Clue and Women Always Need More Shoes on: July 21, 2006, 12:58:45 PM
I hate shopping for clothes, shoes and stuff..unless it is for my performances....

Strategy to buy shoes:

1) Shoes must match with everything I own.

2) Allow me to walk long walks and maybe even run in them.

3) Easy to slip on and off.

4) Must not give me blisters.

5) Once I find that pair of shoes, buy two pairs so that I don't have to shop for shoes for a loooooooong while. Smiley

But if you look at the performance shoes that I have, I think you will faint...I buy bright colours in different sizes so that all my performers have colourful shoes to wear...

For me, I fell in love with Ugg boots, and can't wait till I go to Oz to get another few pairs again....
11  Middle Earth / Silicon Glen / Re: JIE JIE MEI MEI ZHAN QI LAI (Sisters let's all rise up!) on: July 21, 2006, 12:54:02 PM
Hi! I just got to Lothy...a bit late, but a BIG HELLO!

For those that remember, I was that depressive yet idealistic 16 year old.... 10 years or more back....gosh, I feel really really old now...

I was known as Zephyh....and as Lilith too... quite an oxymoron, (NOT MORON!) but now, I guess I am more Zephyh than Lilith...Started a company known as Zephyhdom in 1995 and have been performing since then...

Time flies...and I guess it's late and I'm hungry...so babbling till my Macdonalds delivery comes!

Ding Dong.... see you girls later!

12  Middle Earth / Inn of the Prancing Pony / Re: Best Chinese Restaurant in Singapore on: July 21, 2006, 12:46:28 PM
Hai Tien Lo kinda lagged in my expectations.... the view was great (right on top!) but the food was not as great as say Crystal Palace (The restuarant), and the price I was paying definitely warranted better ingredients. Service was fabulous though...

I enjoyed the food at forum, Jade Palace or something....but probably because of the fantastic wine they had to suggest in the food pairing... 1982 red wine.... and not too highly priced either!
13  Middle Earth / Mordor / Very Happy! on: July 21, 2006, 12:38:54 PM
Re: I am the most unhappy person on this Planet

It's really strange that we are rated as such when so many people are happy! I'm really really happy, and in my line of work, I meet happy people ALL the time!

Hmm... if people think that Singaporeans are unhappy because we complain alot, have they thought that maybe, Singaporeans are happiest when they have something to complain about, so that they don't get bored with all the wonderful things that we have in Singapore (NO WAR, NO MISSILES falling about and NO TSUNAMI!)

Singaporeans have kind of perfected the art of complaining, such that it has become similar to the art of bargaining in Thailand. In Thailand you smile and say, "too expensive, cheaper can? Very nice, I like!"
In Singapore you say, " Display set sure got something wrong, cheaper can?" And things do get discounted because of the mini complaint. Imagine if we didn't speak up, we wouldn't have gotten that discount if we said, " Wow, it's all assembled and got extra accessories, cheaper can?" Oh well, you get my drift. We all know how to complain, and complain very well too.

Anyway, happiness is a state of mind. Whose yardstick are they using to measure that Singaporeans are the unhappiest people in the world? Smiley

Remember to smile at tourists.... then they will go back home and say that Singaporeans are happy... heheh

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