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1  Valinor / Tenth Pit / Re: PAP Governemnt Don't trust us, do They? on: October 19, 2007, 07:37:34 AM

Currently, 66.6% of them decided they can't live without Ah Loong. Smiley

Lies, damned lies, and statistics.

It is based on the principle of: "if ain't broke, don't fix it".

if thereis no Aternative party, better tolive with the Devil you know, rather than one don't.

What choice do Singaporeans have where the ineptness of Low Thia Kiang and Chaim See Tong are there for all to see?
Like it isa serious business and we got "Gomez -gate", not once but TWICE IN A ROW of "filing errors"?

Where Chaim See Tong is only interested in potong pasir, nthing more, nothing less, and rest of SIngaporecan hang itself?

And deja vu.....like SDP on the vege of something.....it splitted.
And WP is on the verge of something...it splitted...

Didn't it proved 66.6% is correct to stick with PAP where it is a circus in the political arena?

Currently, 66.6% does not have a choice or simply cowed by the FEAR FACTOR, the fear of the "Unknown".

When will all these Alternative Parties became "Known"?

GE2010/11 is not too far away.

And yet..........are they still in their woodwork?

Like Palvovian Dog, start salivating only at the ***GOOONG***of the Election Bell?
2  Middle Earth / Mordor / Re: To All those Born in the 50's , 60's & early '70s... on: October 19, 2007, 07:26:49 AM

Unfortunately since after the Malaysia Federation Ejection, Singaporeans have already voted away their right to a choice. Subsequent electorates have either not had the courage to recover that right, or are happy to give it away entirely.

You do have a choice to give your children a choice.

You do have a choice - to stay or to leave, or to leave and come back to retire.

Malaysian federation as the 14th State is nothing.

We have a bigger fish to catch - ASEAN COMMUNITY 2015.

That is, Singapore Choice.
3  Middle Earth / Mordor / Re: To All those Born in the 50's , 60's & early '70s... on: October 19, 2007, 12:48:04 AM
My father leftChina and wanted to build a better future for his children in Singapore.

As a Singaporean, I wanted to provide a choice for my children - to stay or to fly away.

my father had no choice but to grin and bear it.
my children have a choice - Unbridled Freedom or PAP Government.

Forget about 50's, 60's & 70's, Singapore Downfall started in 1978 where Lee Kuan yewand Goh Keng Swee lost theiri gamble to re-structure Singapore as a "hig-tech high paying" Economy to reach Swiss Standard of Living 1999.

What we ended up with is 1st World Cost fo Living on 3rd World salary.
And nobody, including Ah Loong, has the balls to address and reverse Dr.Goh Keng Swee Doctrine of using accelerated Cost of Living to sterilise that high level of liquidity generated by NWC Recommendaiton of the 80's.

That leave us with oen choiceonly:

To save and scrimp enough to giveourchildren a choice to stay or to leave.
That is the greatest gift a loving parent can give to their children: A CHOICE.
4  Valinor / Tenth Pit / Re: PAP Governemnt Don't trust us, do They? on: October 18, 2007, 08:55:35 PM
Ain't it the truth, nothing but the truth, so help me God. Certainly PAP Government will not help you.

Fools and money will soon part. Singaporeans and Ah Loong?
5  Valinor / Tenth Pit / Re: PAP Governemnt Don't trust us, do They? on: October 18, 2007, 11:44:50 AM
Oh well.....Ah Loong still don't trust us to take care of ourself when we are over-85 year old.

Like an excellent 2nd car salesman, our lovely PAP Government "persuaded" us that we need Longetivity Insurance or else "Singapore will be finished".

But the worst bit of it all that Ah Loong so distrusted us SIngaporeans from dying off before we 85 year old.

perhapshis mathematician-trained mind did nto trust WHO Yearbook 2007 that said SIngapaore male has an average life-span of 78 year old, and female has 82-year old life-span?

I love Nanny who so lovingly taking care of mind well-being. Can I screwed her as well?
6  Middle Earth / Mordor / Re: Apathetic Singaporeans on: June 26, 2006, 05:27:48 AM
Policies that encourage a 'me first' attitude is in place - Streaming, 'Upgrading' etc.

What kind of people other than those who would just look out for themselves would such policies create?

Apathetic. Can't be bothered. Selfish people.

Why do I care if the flats in Potong Pasir or Hougang collapse if I get my upgrading? Why should I bother? Who gives a flying damn? Why do I care if streaming create a bunch of holier-than-thou fuckwits as long as I don't think likewise?

Thus the people in the queue at the bank didn't give a flying damn about this blind couple was only a natural result of such f*ck-type policies that is supported by the majority. And of course no one could see the evils of it until they suffer these evils themselves.

Let me thank the f*ckers who once again taught me the realities of life. I will remember that, and return the favour one day when the time comes. It would be very, very satisfying.

We don't bother because for 40-years, we had been shaped by our struggle as a dual-income fmaily to provide, with no free time to develop the "nobler aspecT' of humankind.

And we have lost touch with graciousness and manners of our 1st generation, like simply courtesy at home like -
- All eat dinner dinner together, calling to mama and papa "to eat".
- after finishing, say to those "please eat slowly".

In Dubai, when you meet, they ask:
"Good morning, how are you?"
You reply "FIne"
"How is everything?"
You reply "Fine".
That is, there is a rictual of small talk for a few minutes before going down to business.
It is rude should you dive straight into business talks as all SIngpaoreans do.

Do not be too hard on Singaporeans.
We are merely trying to find our own way; trying to get out of our 4-wall HDB Mentality where you don't even bother to know your neighbors and anything just outside your doorstep are not your concern, it is other people's problem or just blame the Government for not doing anything about it.

And isn't that is part of our Chinese Heritage, Confucianism, our own peasant background:
That is,
Our Family comes first, then our clan, then our village.
The rest of people are outsiders and strangers, whcih are meant to be explioted.

If we don't care for other people because they are strangers, isn't it  is in our blood due to our peasant stock and Chinese cultural heritage?

7  Middle Earth / Mordor / Re: NO FREE SPEECH IN SINGAPORE!!! on: June 26, 2006, 05:12:44 AM

You got the right to speak on anything under the sky.
The problem is that you too has the right to defence your "free speech" as well....any you the right to apologise too.

Nothing wrong to get an invitation to chitchat over a cup of tea or coffee at Cantonment Road, as you still got the right to speak freely over there.

Better to ask has we got the right of freedom of expression?
8  Middle Earth / Mordor / Re: Prime Minister of Singapore on: June 26, 2006, 05:07:48 AM
Lee Kuan Yew.

If its ain't broken, why bother to fix it?
9  Middle Earth / Mordor / Re: New topic for the sake of new topics. on: June 26, 2006, 05:03:00 AM
I think I better dump my thread here.

Interesting Leader from The Economist
10  Middle Earth / Mordor / Emma Goldman (1910) - Anarchism on: June 26, 2006, 04:54:19 AM
anybody like to engage in mind-fuck, especially I am trawling for MAtilah_Singapura, our resident Anarchist?

Why read archaic essays?
Leszek Kolakowski:
11  Valinor / Tenth Pit / Re: Why are some people unhappy ? on: June 06, 2006, 03:08:44 PM
I am lost.

Care to post that article by MM on "English helicopter" or Tony Tan and reply to that Singapore Dream?
Where do I find it?
12  Valinor / Tenth Pit / Re: Singapore Dream/Plan - NOT ! on: June 06, 2006, 03:04:19 PM
Hi Modeus, thanks for the welcome.

Indeed, Dubai is beginning to look like a more serious competitor to Singapore than China.

Their present airport expansion will be completedby 2008.

And they just announced that they are going tobuild the biggest airport i n the world at Jebeel Ali, twice teh size of Hong Kong island with 6 no. parallel runways. It is a complete city by itself with malls, hotels, residences, logistic city, etc.
First Contract had been awarded and they are rushing to finish Phase 1 within 3 years.

They are planning an Education City to cater for 150,000 students and they claimed they ahd signed MOu with 15 to 20 universities from India,Europe and America.

They are building a 2nd Palm Jebeel Ali Resort which will integrate with a Waterfront Development which will feature a 850-meter tower. Taller than the Burj Tower,presently under-construction, and when completed in 2008, it will be the tallest man-make structure in the world.

Just a side track.
Kuwait is getting the finalpermission to build the City of Silk (on part of the ancient Silk Route). it will feature the 1,0001-meter Mubarak Tower...almost twice the height of Taiwan 101. It will take 25-years to complete the entire City of Silk.

Dubai is proceeding with Dubailand which will feature a Jurassic Park with the latest in animation, better than Spielberg's film and they will build the Mall of Arabia,which wil be the world largest mall at 600,000 sq.m.

The DUbai Mall, currently under-construciton is about 390,000 sq.m. Within it,they are building the world largest indoor aquarium.

And Dubai is building the world first undersea hotel.

DO go and visit www.findsingapore.net/forum and view my thread "I am going toMiddle East"and view all those photographs.

And DUbai said that it is aiming to be a Financial Hub and they will be successful due to the ernomous amount of money flowing into Middle East.
E.g. when oil price was at US$50 per barrel, the windfall profit collected by OPEC Countries is about US$300 billion.

And it is not oil that generates most incomes for DUbai [which discovered oil in 1966 and is slated to run-out by 2010], the SERVICE INDUSTRY contributes 80% to Dubai GDP.

And Service Industry contributes 66% to Singapore GDP.

In comparison:
Dubai is throwing money to build up their infrastructures rapidly.

Singpaore is waiting for investors to come in 'to throw"money to build up Singapore Tourism Infrastructure...just two tweeny weeny IR, which is miniscule in comparison to what is DUbai doing which will be substantially completedby 2008-to2010.

And more bad news.
What DUbai is presently under construction constitutes only 30% of their master Plan.
They still have yet to push out the other 70%..

it is a no-brainer to say who will attract more tourist receipts from Europe and Australia, isn't it?

And oh yeah,like SIngapore, Wuya dominates the flesh trade in karaoke lounges and night-clubs...

I suspect, there will be a decline in Mainland CHiense in Singapore soon as more and more of them are floooding into the Middle East honey-pot.

13  Valinor / Tenth Pit / PAP Governemnt Don't trust us, do They? on: June 03, 2006, 04:16:02 PM
Well....Iunderstand that when my sons reach 13-years old, their passportscan only be validfor 2-years instead of the normal 5 or 10 year.

And I got topost a bond of S$75,000 per son incase they wanted to study oversea before doing their NSS.

Surely the whole SIngapore cannot be all "quitters" as if our MALE willrun away once they are out of the country?

Surely that after their fathers had proven their loyalty to the country by completing their NSS. they still don't trust their loyal citizen's offsprings?

isn't this S$75,000 bond is like during the Middle Age when kings demanded hostages to ensure good behavior from their powerful barons and earls?

And if Singapore is sure a fine place as PAP Government said,when like Rwanda, we don't rape little girls here 'for a little bit of excitement", surely after 40-year sof nation-building, our Young will definitely returned home after completing their oversea studies?

What is S$75,000 to a millionaire and what is S$75,000 to a HDB working class?

Isn't this S$75,000 punitive punishments are more hurtful to a working class than to a millionaire, which is actually "loose change"and maybe less than the daily interest they earn fromtheir bank accounts?

And PAP said there is no more "one size fit all" policy?

Again the question PAP should ask:

Why should they use coercion to ensure that theri citizen will not run away from Singapore?

An admission of the failure of 40-years of nation-building, which saw SIngapore being proclaimed by PAP, and clasified by UN as 'developed", that the new generations of Singpaoreans do not consider SIngapore as home?

That is, better to be a 2nd class citizen elsewhere than being a 1st class citizen in Singapore?

14  Valinor / Tenth Pit / Re: Singapore Dream/Plan - NOT ! on: June 03, 2006, 03:53:50 PM
Yes, I was so bitter on the Government policy of "one strike, you are out" that I ranted at the student counseller in London High Commission.
She politely explained tome that perhaps it was the intention of the Government to indirectly forcing SIngaporeans out of theri comfort zone to venture out to get what they want out of life.

Anyway, I sowre that I will "never" return to Singapore and has every intention of going for a PR and job in England.
And yes, I got a job in England but developed cold feet.
I love that place over there but somewhat, it doesn't feel like home.

And during my 6-week work attachment in America, nice to stay, but again, does not feel like home.

And no, I don't "slang kah liao".......just that studying oversea is a real eye-opener and help one to overcome that "tunnel vision" develped in Singapore.

In fact, in the 80's, those with foreign degrees, especially poly graduate,  are looked down by NUS and NTU graduates a s"inferior" to them simply because they don't study as hard as local graduates for their degree.

And I agreed with them.
I can skipped Monday morning lectures and skipped Friday afternoon lectures and the lecturers will not blink an eye. We are treated like responsible adults and expected to behave like one.
Put it this way, my time spent on TV is more than the combined time I spent in lectures and laboratory work.
[Just barely squeaked thru' with a 2-2... Grin.....bare minimum to register as chartered engineer in UK]

Your life, your choice, your decision.
15  Valinor / Tenth Pit / Re: Central themes on Lothlorien. on: June 03, 2006, 03:36:15 PM
I am the Dragon lord,
My Power is unsurpassed,
I created you, toserve me, to please me,
Oppose me, I will destroy you utterly,
Obey me, I shall feed you,
I am your Liege,
Noblesse Oblige.

A new Entity has come into my World,
Age of Gods,
I gather the Dragon Horde to challenge them,
Chaos War.
Where lesser beings seek to escape,
from One World to Another,
Through Fabric of Time ripped and distorted.

And so is Singapore, so is Singapore,
Who is Dragon Lord?
WHo is God?

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